The Peruvian company Work & Health Investments, located in Lima and specialized in the field of occupational health, proposes an experimental development project aimed at providing a better medical service within the storage of medical data, security, and detection of anomalies among patients. Using technologies such as big data or artificial intelligence, to develop a platform to digitally store patient’s medical records and, in turn perform analysis for anomaly detection. Developing algorithms in order to make preliminary diagnoses and provide doctors with information which can alert them in case there is a possible risk to patients.

This company has previous experience in technological developments in the health sector and is looking for synergies with Spanish companies that have experience in medical history data management and relationships with medical centers.

The project could be financed jointly by FONDECYT and CDTI, within the framework of the 8th Peru-Spain bilateral call for the financing of R&D business projects, whose deadline for submission of proposals is May 6.


The CDTI is the body of the General State Administration that supports knowledge-based innovation, advising and offering public aid for innovation through subsidies or partially reimbursable aid. The CDTI also internationalizes the R&D and innovation business projects of Spanish companies and entities and manages Spain’s participation in international R&D&I organizations, such as Horizon2020 and Eureka, and in the Science and Space industries. In addition, through the Innvierte Economía Sostenible initiative, it supports and facilitates the capitalization of technology companies