Management and business research has demonstrated the importance of business models for value creation and company performance.

We accompany our clients as a partner and take on our own R&D tasks regarding valorisation and business models. Our mission is to bring Technology to the International Market, getting involved in Internationalisation services for R&D Projects.

We work for proprietary Development and Innovation:

  • Valorisation models: We develop methods that allow the scientific and financial worlds to speak the same language while maintaining the combination of art (subjective judgment) and science (theoretical method).
  • Business models: Business models are the key to success and make the difference between two companies with the same market demand.

Horizon Europe puts the emphasis and gives priority to research projects that can present an outlook into the future. It is very important to have a marketing and business plan for Horizon Europe research projects; these two are truly an objective to work with which ensures your project grows and develops past the immediate audiences and opportunities it produces.

Some advantages of a business plan:

  • Further impress the reviewers during the review process of the proposal.
    • Increase chances for securing additional funding, hook potential partners members, and enhance collaborations.
    • Improve your chances of accomplishing your marketing goals.
    • Identify potential strengths/opportunities, threats and weaknesses.
    • Communicate effectively the vision and plan of action to the team/partners.
    • Take advantage of only relevant opportunities (reducing the wrong ones).
    • Understand your competition and end-users.
    • Spend your budget wisely based on a plan.

Our company is currently leading the CARMOF Project Business Model, Business plan validation and value proposition. Numerous actions have been included to ensure the introduction of potential innovative products and services on the market, ensuring that clients are “willing to pay” for our results in the medium term.

R&D and Markets: management, valorisation & business models
R&D and Markets: management, valorisation & business models