CARMOF project aims to combine the physical and chemical adsorbents in hybrid structures composed by a functionalized metal-organic framework, carbon nanotubes, and reduced graphene oxide.

Among other tasks, QiEurope is also leading  Work Package 5: Business Model, Business plan validation and value proposition.  We  aim to ensure the industrialization of the technology three years after the project’s completion by performing several tasks:

  • Study overall economic effects and benefits of implementing the technologies / materials developed within the project, with specific attention to the LCC (life cycle cost) and potential scenarios. The system boundaries are defined to enable meaningful comparisons between the new and existing competitive technologies in the market based on input from the industrial partners.
  • IPR protection and activities to ensure the full exploitation of the innovations and the execution of the scientific results. The active involvement of all partners in the project will ensure that the take-up of the business models is high, with realistic objectives and plan being set out.
  • Preparing a business model, business plan and a value proposition, as part of the Plan for the use and dissemination of the foreground, involving citizens and society and improving the transparency of the scientific process. 
  • Creating the best conditions to ensure the full exploitation and technology transfer of the project results and innovations, providing wide visibility to project innovations and results to foster future market adoption.

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