OASIS, an Open Innovation Test Bed ecosystem of 12 nanotechnology manufacturing pilot lines, is organizing an Open Call. The Open Call is dedicated for Demo-cases with the objective of providing support to organizations in order for them to develop and test novel nano-enabled products taking advantage of top-notch European infrastructure. OASIS consists of 20 partners from all over Europe (including research organizations, universities and private companies) who are the facilities and services providers.


The Call is open to 31st July 2021.


The call is open to all organizations regardless of their type, size or field of activity. Given the project’s aim of fostering the competitiveness of European businesses, the primary target of the OASIS Open Call are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)! 

Accordingly, they may take priority over higher ranked proposals submitted by other types of organizations. Furthermore, your company will have to be established in one of the eligible countries.

Elgible countries are the Member States, Overseas Countries and Territories linked to the Member States, and the Associated Countries all over the world.


All successful applicants to the Open Call will get free access to:

  • top-notch equipment and infrastructure of the pilot lines,
  • qualified human resources and
  • required consumables and materials.

The selected applicants will be provided with customized support through a complete set of services integrating technical and business expertise which will enable them to build up sustainable business cases.


Only applications in English language will be accepted. Any submitted proposal will be evaluated by 4 evaluators with 2 of them focusing on the technical aspects and 2 on the business aspects. All proposals will be evaluated (scores ranging from 0 to 5) according to the following criteria:

  • Concept
  • Implementation
  • Impact

The maximum overall score is 15. The standard threshold for individual criteria is 3, and the standard overall threshold is 10. The average of the 4 scores given by evaluators per section and total will be calculated for each proposal. Proposals failing to achieve the threshold score per individual criteria and the overall threshold will be rejected. Proposals will be ranked according to the overall scores in a descending order.

The most successful proposals, having passed the evaluation and technical feasibility check, will be offered the chance to negotiate and define a Service Delivery Plan (SDP) with the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) assigned by OASIS.