Formación en Financiación Europea de I+D+i – Impacto y Plan de Negocio

The objective is to make a practical use of the fundamental cycle of preparation and management of proposals to the H2020 Program, facilitating to the participants a protocol of actions and recommendations for the correct and successful participation in the new Program.

The assistant at the end of the workshop and depending on its use will have, among others, the following capabilities:

  • Develop a coherent, strategic, analytical, operative and economic-administrative vision with a technical report of success, particularly in the most relevant aspects (impact, commercial viability analysis, business model and plan, exploitation, industrial property and product / service of market).
  • Learn to translate their technology in terms of sustainable competitive advantage, productivity or industrial leadership, identifying the major failures of a technology product failure in the market. How the business model can be key in the success or failure of a proposal.
  • Distinguish between product, result and impact and the different types of impact expected by the European Commission.
  • Know in detail the evaluation criteria of the EC and how to orient the proposals to satisfy them.
  • Understand, value and quantify criteria of maximum relevance in H2020 such as “Willing to pay”, “Freedom to Operate” or “Best Value of Money”
  • Clarify concepts and properly relate TRL and MRLs to memory.
  • Establish an appropriate relationship between partners (if applicable) in the future exploitation of results, depending on background, financial capacity and project tasks.
  • Present adequately the competing solutions, not only technologically but in terms of business and substitute products.
  • Make dissemination and communication a real marketing plan.



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