Calls 2022 at Horizon Europe is an opportunity for researchers. Who have innovative ideas and want to bring them to the European market. If you need funding for your project? Check if the new calls 2022  in clusters do not fit your topic. After that  you can get financial support from the Horizon Europe project.

Remember that the new year is the perfect time for new innovative projects, goals and dreams that Horizon Europe can help fulfill.


Clusters – calls 2022 

The structure of the Horizon Europe program consists of 3 pillars about which we wrote more in the previous article. The second pillar, Global challenges, and European Industrial Competitiveness consist of 6 clusters that relate to the social challenges facing Europe. They are divided into clusters, covering the entire spectrum of global challenges.

Horizon Europe clusters are:

  • Health,
  • Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society,
  • Civil Security for Society,
  • Digital, Industry and Space,
  • Climate, Energy and Mobility,
  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

Each cluster has specific call topics defined in the Work Programme of Horizon Europe. The calls are open for research organisations, universities, SMEs and industry. The Pillar II also includes European Partnerships. That are large European efforts to create greater cooperation and collaboration in reaching strategic targets. Also a large part of the budget of the Pillar II is allocated through calls that have been formulated in partnership structures. 

Cluster 5 – destinantions and missions

For example our consultants have helped many companies that have already used calls from pillar 5, which budget for the period 2021-2022 is € 2.8 billion. Cluster 5 unites topics from three separate work programs like:

  • ENERGY, 

To sum up this synergy is not by accident, energy, and mobility can have a direct impact on climate. By creating an innovative solution in transport, we can also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and pollution. The same goes for energy. For example, if we have an idea of how to better use renewable energy in industry.

In Cluster 5 we have 3 different sectors that can be combined in the way that climate, transport, and energy will benefit.

It is also worth mentioning cluster 5 goals help to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 – an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This objective is at the heart of the European Green Deal.



When looking for calls 2022 for your innovative idea, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that Cluster 5 consists of 6 destinations:

  • Destination 1 – Climate sciences and responses for the transformation towards climate neutrality
  • Destination 2 – Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition
  • Destination 3 – Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply
  • Destination 4 – Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use
  • Destination 5 – Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes
  • Destination 6 – Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods

To sum up there is a variety of forthcoming calls from March and April maybe some of them fit your innovative idea:




How to get the funding in 2022?

In conclusion, if we have an innovative idea are still able to get funding this year? 

Of course, yes, but it’s worth getting down to business quickly.

Here are the links to calls for 2022 posted by the European Commission. We recommend reviewing all of them and paying attention to the application dates, because the documentation that needs to be completed in order to apply may take a long time.

Qi Europe provides assistance in this type of activity. For example, we give comprehensive assistance in applying for funding. Secondly, we will help you go through all the stages until you get the grant from the EU. In short, if any of calls in 2022 fits your innovative idea. Contact us to start your project this year.

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