The European Commission grants in the European funding programs for R+D+i H2020 and Horizon Europe a greater weight to the impacts generated by the global results projects, whether scientific, economic, political or social. Once the impacts to be addressed by the project have been identified, measures must be determined to achieve maximum impact.

The promotion of results is the key for its commercialization. In Horizon Europe Programme, the Exploitation & Dissemination plan must be a distinct part of your proposal, being as precise as possible. It´s a key to maximize the impact. This plan must be proportional to the scale of the project and must include measures that will be implemented during and also after the end of the project. During the project, you can update the plan and make it more detailed. The projects should: update the plans according to the progress and emerging results of the Project; consider changes in the stakeholders, work context and potential use of results during the project lifetime; report on the updates periodically.

We can help you developing the detailed points in an effective manner in the proposal and to maximize the impact, working together in Coordination, Dissemination & Communication activities. We are experts in the judgement of impact, always selecting the best market application and achieving a correct analysis of future target markets and businesses. Our company resolve any needs relating to:

  • Coordination of the consortium, the project tasks as well as the unbiased safe- keeping of information produced.
  • Disseminating results for exploitation and a greater impact.
  • Communicating to society the benefits obtained and the impact.

In addition to having participated in the development of other European projects, we are currently involved in CARMOF Project, bringing Technology to the International Market. Among other activities, we are contributing to the Exploitation and Dissemination Strategy (included in Work Package 7) to maximize the impact of the R+D results, and also communicating to society the benefits obtained.

Impact of the Project: Exploitation & Dissemination Plan
Impact of the Project: Exploitation & Dissemination Plan