Horizon Europe programme is the successor of Horizon 2020, which is called the most ambitious research and innovation programme. The main objectives are to create 300 000 jobs by 2040, 40% of them will be high skilled jobs. The expectation is for the program to generate around 11 of GDP gains for each euro invested at EU level over the next 25 years. 


Horizon Europe its research and innovation programme 2021/2027 with 95.517 billion budget, with 35% of the budget allocated to climate objectives

Companies from EU Members States, Associated Countries, low to middle-income countries can get the funding.


Horizon Europe programme structure 

Programme is based on 3 main pillars which focus on different areas. 

  • Excellent Science with € 24 billion 


  • Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness with € 53 billion 


The second pillar of Horizon Europe is collaborative research on the societal challenges facing Europe and the enhancement of technological and industrial potential through six  thematic policy groups (clusters) covering the entire spectrum of global challenges like: 

    • Culture, Creativity, Inclusive society 
    • Health
    • Civil Security for Society 
    • Digital, Industry, and Space 
    • Climate, Energy, and Mobility 
    • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment 


  • Innovative Europe with € 13 billion


European Innovation Council 

Support high-risk innovations with big potential of creating a new market, also European Innovation Council focuses on innovations with 3 key instruments:

  • PATHFINDER – supports scientists who have deep tech technologies in the early stages of development but with advanced stages of research.
  • TRANSITION –  helps researchers and innovators in developing the specific pathway to commercial development for promising research results.
  • ACCELERATOR – deals with the financing of individual SMEs, small companies, and startups that are launching the product on the market and need additional financing in the late stages of research activities and market take-up.


Three-pillars-of-Horizon-EuropeSources: The European Commission

Horizon Europe how to apply?

Potential applicants who want to apply for EIC grand can find all information on these two webs:

You have to prepare a strategic plan, an implementation strategy, and stick with rules of participation and dissemination.

If you will fulfill all documentation Horizon Europe will be able to give you funding. Qi Europe can help you with creating a professional proposal and fulfilling documentation to not make mistakes. 

Qi Europe will:

  • advise on the best funding scheme to apply to and build a strong project proposal,
  • assist with the submission of the necessary documentation. 

More information you can find here.