Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles

The vision of FABRIC is the large-scale adoption of pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) in future transportation systems. This wide deployment requires mature EV technology and advanced charging solutions that provide a user experience similar to today’s cars.

The main scientific and technological objective of FABRIC is to conduct feasibility analysis of on-road charging technologies for long term electric vehicle range extension. Key wireless charging technologies, trends and relevant R&D activities in the automotive sector will be considered, assessing the present and future opportunities for wireless charging, taking into account the needs of EV makers and end users.

Tasks developed by Qi Europe

  • Technical Management of External Reference Group
  • Feasibility Impact Assessment on:
    • Energy Efficiency and GHG emissions
    • Safety
    • Operation Management and Business Plan
    • Road Infrastructure
    • Vehicle technology
  • Contribution to Road Infrastructure Impact & Solutions:
    • Sustainability of the E-Road at system scale
    • Framework definition for long-term performance of the E-Roads
    • Final Assessment of E-Roads using LCA and LCC
  • Integrating EV with ITC, transfer & grid:
    • Assessment of up-scaling on electricity grid. Influence on green energy, direct coupling with solar panels, impact on EU energy strategy.
    • Evaluation for components related to renewables
  • Assessment of Business and Societal Consequences:
    • Business models and market ordering
    • Deployment Scenario analysis
    • Standardization, harmonization and innovation

Check the full project official site for objectives, methodology, expected impact and more.

CRF (Italy)
VOLVO (Sweden)
SCANIA (Sweden)
IRE (Italy)
TECNO (Italy)
SNF (France)
SAET (Italy)
ICCS (Greece)
TRL (United Kingdom)
TNO (United Kingdom)
CEA (France)
FKA (Germany)
CIRCE (Spain)
POLITO (Italy)
KTH (Sweden)
QIE (Spain)
ENIDE (Spain)
ATA (Italy)
MECT (Italy)
AMET (Italy)
ERTICO (Belgium)

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