Digitanimal is a world leading company in geolocation and monitoring of extensive livestock rearing 🐮 Among other devices, they make collars, that monitor a cow’s vital signs and GPS location and send alerts to a cell phone. With the placement of this collar, the farmer can know not only where an animal is located, but also its surface temperature or its movements; data that informs about its health and welfare and that the farmer can consult through an app or on the computer.

The company is present in more than 68 countries around the world, guaranteeing the farmer’s peace of mind and helping to optimize the farm. You can find all their products in the online store of the website: https://digitanimal.com/shop/

Digitanimal has been selected as one of the success stories included in the Spanish Government campaign for its Recovery, Transformation & Resilience Plan, which aims at letting both citizens and companies learn about the said Plan, and have access to the Next Generation funds so that they both may take part in the transformation process. The campaign is broadcast on TV, radio, online media and social networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R87FppBFVhA

We are proud of working with such a successful company in the digital transformation of livestock rearing. Digitanimal represents all those companies which focus on the promotion of digitalizing agriculture and livestock rearing for the improvement of production and sustainability in the Primary sector.

Congratulations on your great achievement!