In the field of research and innovation, consortia and strategic alliances play an important role in helping to deal with any difficulties that arise in setting up or managing new projects. We need practical information, practice, and case studies described by experienced players who deal with this kind of topic and problems on a daily basis.


For this reason, we have make accessible the ebook “Consorcios y alianzas estratégicas en el ámbito de la investigación y la innovación: casos y buenas prácticas” with the guidance of the Fundació Parc Científic Universitat de València (FPCUV). The ebook focuses on the analysis of distinct cases and direct experiences from the authors, gathering valuable knowledge about strategies, markets, and actions that have produced long term results.












Figure 1: The paradox of spoiled science. Source: European Commission, modified by QiEUROPE

The content of the book covers the following lines of analysis:

  • Public-Private Collaboration. From scientific excellence to business success
  • Global Omnium’s experience in the generation of consortia: The LIFE16 ENV/ES/000390 Bactiwater project.
  • The coordination of an H2020 project from the perspective of a technology centre. Case study: CARMOF
  • Forming lasting consortia, a seven-year experience in four European H2020 projects.
  • Case study of a European project: MICRO4BIOGAS
  • BSH-UNIZAR strategic alliance. Consortium linked to the RETOS COLLABORATION 2014 EFESO project: an example of good practice
  • SMARTFOODS PROJECT: Smart Food Development
  • Preparation and development of European research projects: the coordinator’s experience


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