The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) contains information to evaluate the possible significant effects of the project/company on the environment and allows appropriate decisions to prevent and minimize such effect. It´s carried out within the framework of an environmental impact assessment necessary for the approval and subsequent execution of the project.

The industry is one of those responsible for pollution and the damage to ecosystems. For this reason, the activity and impact of these companies is controlled and supervised by the environmental entities of the governments. The basic legislation in Spain governing the environmental assessment of plans, programmes and projects can be found in Law 21/2013, of 9 December, on environmental assessment.

Development projects can be approved even though the environmental impact statement has recognized that environmental harm will be done. As long as the harm is known and understood in advance, plans can be made to minimize or confine the damage.

Clean Energies & Environment are 2 of our main areas of expertise: energy and storage; alternative fuels; smart grids; energy efficiency and saving; self-consumption; carbon footprint; life cycle and environmental impact.

We are specialist in conducting EIS, taking care of compiling detailed information on the environmental conditions of the direct and indirect area of influence that will be affected. This information will include the biological, social, and cultural characteristics of these areas, which will serve as a comparison parameter against which to contrast situations expected by project execution. We ensure that the EISs submitted are prepared to a high standard and consistent. We also ensure that these EISs are:

  • As succinct as possible and easy to understand
  • Clearly describe the project
  • Reflect community views
  • Contain a technically robust assessment of the impacts of the Project
  • Evaluate the project as a whole, having regard to the economic, environmental and social impacts of the project and the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
Clean Energies & Environment
Clean Energies & Environment