We have recently attended a General Assembly meeting in VedeCom (Joint research centre of automotive sector in Satory, France)

Two test sites for wireless dynamic electric vehicle charging have been developed in FABRIC, the one in France (Satory, near Versailles) and a second in Italy (Susa Valley, near Turin).

The French site comprises a central trench in a roadway, equipped with a wireless dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) system from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH. The technology has also been integrated onto two electric Renault Kangoo vehicles. Testing was underway at our last General Assembly meeting (24th-25th April) with promising results.

By clicking at this link you can watch the video made by Qualcomm in which they explain how works the Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles

Integration of the Italian test site, using two different in-road charging pad solutions, is being finalised and an Iveco Daily electric van has been equipped. It is expected that tests should be able to start soon (probably within a month from now).

The project will compare the performance of these systems and benchmark them against other solutions, notably conductive dynamic charging ones as currently being demonstrated in Sweden.

Qi Europe as responsible of the final Working Package 55, is gathering all the information presented in previous deliverables and will prepare, in cooperation with other partners, the final feasibility report comprising technical, economic, environmental, political, standards and health aspects. A business model and a business plan for the most relevant stakeholders and a roadmap describing the penetration of the dynamic charging solutions in the market in the future will be showcased in the next Deployment Scenario Validation Workshop which will take place in Strasbourg on Monday 19 June 2017 in parallel to the 12th ITS European Congress.

The Workshop is open to external stakeholders, previous registration. Please contact Mr. Juan de Blas ( for further details.