Qi Europe, as an R&D company also conducts research and development into technical and financial evaluation models and new business models for technology-based businesses and projects.

R&D activities of Qi Europe

Valuation models

One of the great difficulties of R&D in general and technology in particular, in the sense of applying that R&D to a particular field is the technical and economic feasibility of a technological product and therefore its financial valuation if it is to be supported by the world of finance.

While the developed products have not yet been sold it is difficult to obtain financing to move forward because many of the sources of public aid are not available (as it is no longer R&D) and private investors (banks, venture capital firms, etc.) cannot use the currently available valuation methods (including intangibles) in the absence of many of the necessary variables (for example predicted or previous comparable sales) and assume too high a risk in the case of start-up companies for example. Some initiatives such as innovative public procurement, the SME instrument of Horizon Europe or companies / associations / administrations who devote resources to Seed Capital go some way in this direction, but there is still a need to define and finalise a method to objectively calculate the value of technology-based companies and projects.

Qi Europe, through different European projects and its own resources is researching and developing a method that complements current methods and allows the scientific and financial worlds to speak the same language, combining art (objective judgment) and science (theoretical method). The result once again is the maximisation of the impact and efficient use of resources and the reduction of risk to both parties, thus optimising needs and market demand and generating competitiveness, growth and employment.

Business Models

Today, both in emerging sectors where there is still no defined and proven business model, and also in traditional sectors, where it is necessary to innovate to enter or just to maintain position, business models have become the key to being successful or not and make the difference between two companies that serve the same market needs with similar products.

Also in international expansion, where we are forced into a globalised market, the business model will be the key, and depends on the country chosen. There are numerous examples of success and failure of companies owing to their business models. The Business Plan always comes later. The real innovation must come through a thoughtful, studied and developed business plan which is starting to emerge from processing methods and analysis carried out in the best universities.

Some Projects in which Qi Europe participates

Carbon Capture and Storage – A Way To Save Our Planet

Carbon capture and storage is a way to reduce pollution in the world and have a chance to avoid dangerous climate change. The main mission is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy sectors - [...]

OUTCOME project

OUTCOME, an Innovative Training Network OUTCOME is an Innovative Training Network aiming to train early-stage researchers in what is referred to as an outstanding challenge in solid mechanics: developing novel solutions for [...]

FABRIC Project

Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles The vision of FABRIC is the large-scale adoption of pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) in future transportation systems. This wide [...]


High Power, High Reliability Offshore Wind Technology HiPRWind is the largest research project on offshore wind funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme in terms of budget. It is focused on developing very [...]


Development of a new control system for wind farms oriented towards the reduction of the levelized cost of energy by 10%, achieved through an increase in energy production, a reduction of O&M costs, lifetime extension and material cost reductions.

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